Riverview Launch currently has three tenant organizations, who serve as stewards for this community space:

Kalamazoo County Land Bank


The Kalamazoo County Land Bank creates vibrant communities through the elimination of blighted property, the creation of affordable housing opportunities, and the stabilization of property values. Visit: Kalamazoo County Land Bank




Open Roads


Open Roads bicycle program teaches youth valuable social and bike mechanic skills in order to better prepare them for their future. Visit: Open Roads






Kalamazoo River Watershed Council


The Kalamazoo River Watershed Council works to unite the community, governmental units and officials, nongovernmental organizations, and businesses in restoring and protecting the Kalamazoo River, its tributaries, and its watershed. We believe the river and its tributaries are valuable natural resources deserving of protection and sustainable use for the good of those living in the watershed now and in the future. Visit: Kalamazoo River Watershed Council